71. Shichinin no Samurai (Seven Samurai) (#19)

The 250 show

Summary: Hosted by Andrew Quinn and Darren Mooney and this week with special guest Chris Lavery, The 250 is a (mostly) weekly trip through some of the best (and worst) movies ever made, as voted for by Internet Movie Database Users. New episodes are released every Saturday at 6pm GMT, with the occasional bonus episode thrown in. This time, Akira Kurosawa’s Shichinin no Samurai. In feudal Japan, a small village finds itself threatened by an army of bandits. In a desperate attempt to protect their barley crop from the marauding menace, the villages decide to hire a samurai to the protect the village. Inevitably, they end up with more than they bargained for. At time of recording, it was ranked the 19th best movie of all time on the Internet Movie Database. NOTE: Partly to mirror the structure of the film, and partly because watching the film AND recording the podcast took a long time, there is an intermission in this episode. The intermission runs from 1:32:15 to 1:34:12.