Episode #051: Fast Ice

The WeatherJazz® Podcast show

Summary: <p>Not to be confused with "coastal fast ice," there is a phenomenon that anyone can see in their own backyards under the right circumstances. It's something I call "fast ice" or "flash ice" because it develops so quickly right under our own feet. In today's episode, I go through then dynamics involved in this phenomenon. I also snapped a few photos from my own backyard earlier today. You can see them on this episode's post on <a href="http://www.weatherjazz.com">WeatherJazz.com</a>. You should still be able to see plenty of fast ice on Saturday. I'd love to see any photos you snap. If you'd like to share them with my WeatherJazz® audience, email an attached image to weatherjazz@yahoo.com</p>