Mormon Truth #19-Interview With Joy-Part 2

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Summary: Mormon Truth Podcast #19-An Interview With Joy, An Ex-Mormon-Part 2 This is part 2 of my interview with Joy. We appreciate everyone that has listened to part 1 and hope that you will enjoy part 2 just as much. In this part, we start off where part 1 left off, with Joy explaining what the Church taught her regarding marriage and the Mormon depiction of marriage. She shares some absolutely revolting quotes, about how much a man should love his wife and children, compared to the Mormon Church, from Brigham Young, of course, in The Journal of Discourses. The first quote by Brigham Young, is located in volume 3 page 360. The 2nd quote is located in volume 9 page 37. I feel bad For any of you TBMs out there, that can hear or read these quotes, and then somehow justify them, and still call this man an "inspired Prophet of God." What would it take for you to wake up and realize that this man, who is praised by Mormons and has a University named after him, had nothing to do with any God. If their is a devil running around tormenting people, as part of God's inspired plan, then Brigham Young was one of his die-hard servants and did a great job. Also, the Mormon Hierarchy has never repudiated these quotes that Joy shares and still sells them in Jesus' one and only true and living bookstore. Brigham Young was a disgrace to mankind and a very vile human being. These quotes just add to his legacy of disgrace!! Joy also mentions the studies done on Prozac use in Utah, among many drugs, compared to other places. Why is it so high? Hmm....70% Mormon and the highest Prozac use? You do the math, but it's not hard to figure out, is it? We are simply pointing out that people do what they have to, to cope with their life and that here in Utah, where most are Mormon, well....they never feel good enough and can never live up to the impossible, lofty standards and responsibilities, that are given to them from birth. The suicide rates in Utah, are also always among the highest in the country and it is all inter-related. One need only read the story of Kip Eliason of Idaho, to see how awful the Mormon Church handles depressed people and what the end result may be. Joy also shares a very personal story about a dear friend of hers and what he went through when he revealed to his family, that he was homosexual. His family is die-hard TBM, which means that they are intolerant and anti-gay, even with their own Son, because they follow the Mormon Church's teachings and beliefs on the subject. Those that teach and advocate these homophobic and awful views, includes the bigots Gordon B. Hinckley and Boyd K. Packer....which are 2 of the top 4 big dogs of the Mormon Hierarchy. Boyd K. Packer is 2nd in line behind Thomas Monson, to be the next Mormon Prophet, just so that everyone knows. Like Hinckley says, gays and lesbians have a problem and need to be fixed, but he also admits that he doesn't know how to fix them or have the slightest clue why they are even gay. Again, how can anyone support or justify this? He's an inspired Prophet of God? Boyd K. Packer and Dallin H. Oaks, have also admitted that they don't know why they are gay or if they were born that way. Please leave your comments and let us know what you felt while listening to this podcast and the personal experiences of Joy. I feel like Joy shared some very powerful things with all of us and I'll always be grateful to Joy, for giving her time, heart and soul to this podcast and all of you out there listening. I know that it wasn't easy for her and in fact very painful, to discuss these things and I hope that it was helpful to some of you out there struggling. For those that don't think the Mormon Church destroys lives or ruins families, this interview with Joy, should help clear that up for you. For links to the above topics, please visit: Samuel the Utahnite Originally published May 28, 2006