Tiffany Walker

Medicare Made Simple show

Summary: On today's episode, John Fox speaks to Tiffany Walker of One More Time, Inc about her mission to help adults with life-limiting conditions enjoy a memorable experience "One More Time." and her goal to tailor each experience to the individual's wish, as much as possible.<br> <br> Tiffany envisioned this wonderful idea after the sudden death of her father in 2017 when he was only 58 years old. Although she can no longer have memorable moments with her father she finds it fills her heart to offer and re-create these "One More Time" experiences for others. Some of the memorable experiences the company have helped create, to date are <br> <br> -A retirement party<br> -Birthday celebrations <br> -Helping to publish a novel<br> -A local artist teaching a painting class<br> - Presenting an 87 year-young woman with concert tickets to fulfill her lifelong dream to see her favorite country artistOur ability to continue providing these experiences will take help from our wonderful community. Tiffany and her team currently have several "One More Time" experiences in the planning phase and hope they never have to say "no" to someones last wish.One More Time, Inc currently can provide experiences in the five Northern Counties of Idaho and Spokane, Washington