Kelly Armstrong

Medicare Made Simple show

Summary: On today's episode, John Fox speaks to Kelly Armstrong, director of the Prescription Drug Assistance Foundation (PDAF) about how they help finding or managing the best program to pprovide assistance to anyone whose prescription drug coverage is inadequate, including private insurance, Medicaid and plans on the health care exchange.<br> <br> Kelly has been part of the growth of PDAF since 2009 when the first pilot program began in Spokane. She has over 30 years of experience working in the healthcare industry as a social worker, case manager and in various management and executive roles. In her free time, she enjoys walking, hiking, snow shoeing, cooking and studying natural health and nutrition.<br> <br> Prescription Drug Assistance Foundation was established by the passage of Senate Bill 5558 (RCW 41.05.550) during the 2005 legislative session, PDAF began to take shape when then-Governor Christine Gregoire appointed the first board members in September of that year. Today, the PDAF’s board continues to represent a diverse group of providers, such as clinic and hospital administrators, pharmaceutical research experts and others who have experience in serving low-income families and individuals.<br> <br> more about Prescription Drug Assistance here,<br>