The "C" Word for Online Merchants: Chargebacks (They aren't as overwhelming as you might think!)

The Online Fraudcast with Brett Johnson & Karisse Hendrick show

Summary: One of the most requested topics for this podcast has been around chargebacks. Listeners have even started referring to this as Karisse's "favorite subject" (it's definitely high on the list!). While an hour is a short amount of time to try to explain everything about chargebacks, this should be a good primer to get you thinking about your company's chargeback strategy. As much of a pain as they are, they can also have value in providing business intelligence to your company and internal processes, as well as a way to track your team's progress and efforts, as you see incoming chargeback volume reduced and recovered chargeback revenue increased.  In this solo episode, Karisse discusses the overall chargeback process, as well as her own philosophy on chargeback management, which has been validated over 14 years of experience in chargeback reduction and recovery.  Subscribe to Online FraudCast on your favorite podcast platform to be alerted when a new episode has been released.  As mentioned at the beginning of the episode, Online FraudCast will be recording an episode live on stage at CNP Expo (San Francisco, May 21-23)! Use promo code "Fcast" to save 10% on registration as well as to be eligible for two "perks", to be announced soon.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit