College Roommates With Sibling Bonds -- Henry Beglinger and Toby Okoye

Who Lives Like This?! show

Summary: Finally a podcast with siblings! Given the repeated request for a podcast with siblings, we've finally come through and are thrilled to introduce you to two stellar young men: Henry and Toby. Henry Beglinger is a native Angeleno, the middle child and younger brother to Sophie, Elizabeth's daughter who has a refractory seizure disorder and severe developmental disabilities. Toby Okoye also attends Gonzaga where fate threw Henry and him together as friends and now roommates. Toby lives with his parents and siblings in Puyallup, a small city outside of Seattle. He is the oldest of four children by six years; his younger sister and two brothers are triplets who were born prematurely and who each have autism. As our discussion with Henry and Toby progressed, we hung back with our mouths open, stunned at the beauty and wisdom that came out of these young men. We talked about the guys' early experiences with their siblings, when they figured out that something was "different" about their siblings, and how they coped with stressful situations over the years.