Are you really spiritual or just pretending?

From the Center with Debra & Dr. Rob: Success for Women | Purpose | Spirituality | Relationships show

Summary: In this episode, we talk about what TRUE SPIRITUALITY is in our philosophy based on eastern wisdom and Jungian Positive Psychology. We talk about how people build up a spiritual PERSONA but not really truly connecting in a meaningful way to their deeper selves. Find out how can true spirituality help you find more love, success and peace in your life.<br> Find out:<br> <br> * Who is your TRUE SELF?<br> * Are you just building up a spiritual persona on top of your ego of insecurity?<br> * How to apply spirituality in real life<br> * What the difference is between your ego and your true spiritual self<br> * The foundation of the individuation process and the journey to your deeper, more powerful spirit<br> * How just being “good” and surrounding yourself with only positive people is missing the mark<br> <br> Want more? Visit our official website at <a href=""></a> – The Center of Jungian Positive Psychology<br>