Select Soul Show - Thursday March 7th

Select Soul Show show

Summary: Hour One Jazzy D Ft. Amber Sweeney - Unbreak Me Linda Seatts-Ogletree - I'm Gonna Win Mo & Grazz - Live For That Feeling [Defiant] Terri Green Project - Giving It Up Michelle Lawson - Looking For Love (SS Reflex Mix) Jay Lamont - Celebrate Bey Bright - Sexy Love (Ft. Ezinne) Cupid - What We Do [Capricorn] Shayla The Artist - For You [Sensitivity To Light] James Day Ft. Audrey Wheeler - Rewind (Time Machine Mix) Laville - Thirty One [Thirty One] Lukas Setto - What Turns You On Carvin Winans - Say Yes (Ft.Tony Maiden) [In The Softest Way] Sean Scales - U.R. [Kingdom Love] Smooth Blend - Crazy Little Thing [Couples Therapy Session 1] Hour Two Rockie Robbins - Let Me Be The One [Good Life] Chidi - Weak Cupid - Spoil You [Capricorn] Carvin Winans - Just Wait [In The Softest Way] Aliya Hall - Timeless Kind Of Love Aaron Abernathy - Revisions (Ft. Cecily) [Epilogue] Ida Divine - Small Town [Divine Timing] Jazzy D Ft. Jay Nemor & Amber Sweeney - After All Lasperanza Ft. Izzy Chase - It Should Have Been You [Seeds] Miriam Dance - Wish [Heartstrings] Such - Before Dark Prince Damons - This Side Of Heaven RW3 - Now & Then [Love DNA] Smooth Blend - Connection [Couples Therapy Session 1] Elisha La'Verne - Going The Distance [The Agenda]