How to find content for your podcast

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Summary: Coming up with content for your podcast can be one of the more challenging and time-consuming parts of the podcasting process, especially if you're releasing a weekly show. So how do you find enough ideas to make sure you're not lying awake on the eve of an episode going live thinking "What am I going to talk about?" Check out the full episode show notes: About me... My name is Rachel Corbett and I've spent almost two decades working in media professionally, creating radio shows and podcasts for Australia's largest media organisations. I'm the Head of Podcasts at Mamamia and I've hosted a number of podcasts including You've Gotta Start Somewhere, Lady Startup, Before The Bump, Paul & Rach and Sealed Section. I also spent the first 12 years of my career working in radio. I've taught radio and podcasting at the Australian Film Television and Radio School and I have my own online podcasting course,, that helps budding podcasters create kick-arse show. Resources... Podcasting guide: Online podcasting course: Contact... Twitter: @RachelCorbett Facebook: @RachCorbett Instagram: @_RachelCorbett Website: