How to write great episode titles

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Summary: The title of your episode is the first thing a subscriber will see when your show pops up in their feed. So how write titles that entice them to listen and not just keep scrolling? In this episode I take you through the things you need to think about when you're naming each episode. Check out the show notes for this episode at (type "titles" in the search bar). For more advice on the tools and tech you need to start your own podcast, download my podcasting guide at About the host... My name is Rachel Corbett and I've spent over 16 years working in media professionally, creating radio shows and podcasts for Australia's largest media organisations as well as working as a television presenter and writer. I'm currently the Director of Podcasts at Mamamia, the largest women's podcast network in the world and I've created three (and counting) of my own podcasts with over 300,000 downloads. I also have my own online podcasting course, Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or at my website. Subscribe to the show.