Fake Reviews and Are AVS & CVV necessary in 2019?

The Online Fraudcast with Brett Johnson & Karisse Hendrick show

Summary: Brett & Karisse dive in to one of the "Top CyberCrime Trends in 2019", fake reviews online. While not directly related to payment fraud, there are several connections to the methodology and goals of the perpetrators. -To create a perception of reality and a narrative to manipulate consumer behavior to their advantage. And if you're a company that allows consumer reviews on your website, chances are your fraud department oversees the integrity of these ads as well. Then, Karisse tackles a question that was posed in an article last week (and a question she receives fairly often from merchants): Are AVS & CVV necessary in this day and age? Both hosts will discuss the benefits and challenges that come with utilizing these services in an online environment. The answers may surprise you! Subscribe to Online FraudCast on your favorite podcast platform to be alerted when new episode are out! And, follow Online FraudCast on Facebook, or Brett & Karisse individually on LinkedIn for more fraud news throughout the week.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices