Episode 10 - Melissa Hickey

The Good Thief show

Summary: Melissa Hickey is an Australian Rules Football player, Mentor and Entrepenuer. Melissa was an inaugural player in the Australian Football League Women’s in 2017 and debuted with the Melbourne Demons and will join the Geelong Cats in the newly expanded format moving into 2019. Named in the inaugural All Australian squad, having won seven premierships with the Darebin Falcons in the VWFL and also being awarded the Lisa Hardeman medal as best on ground in the 2013 VWFL Grand Final, Melissa is no stranger to the big stage and the accolades that come with being at the peak of your game. But behind the flashy recognition is an athlete dedicate to the task of intense preparation, respect for the process and reflection. Melissa’s talent on the field is outweighed only by the will to grow and learn on the training ground, her drive to expand her skills, strength and mental toughness is admirable. Recently though, Melissa has been sidelined with injury and it’s during this slow and steady rehabilitation stage that often athletes can falter. But being Melissa, she is building a strong base of preparation worth building the greatest of athletes on. Join us as we chat through Melissa’s road to recovery, her everyday techniques in expanding and growing her mindset and skills, and share in an elite athlete’s burning desire to never rest on your laurels and raise the bar we hold ourselves to again and again and again.