Karisse's Solo Episode: A Veteran's Perspective on Career Growth in Fraud Prevention

The Online Fraudcast with Brett Johnson & Karisse Hendrick show

Summary: Brett is out of the country, so Karisse is on her own! Fraud Fighters often ask her about career growth &amp; personal development in this emerging industry of fraud prevention, so she took this opportunity to give her thoughts &amp; experience and some advice she's learned along the way. You're hear about her long &amp; windy road that lead her to consulting &amp; speaking at events, and some of the advice she has for those fraud fighters wanting to take that next step, whatever it is.<br><br>Subscribe to Online FraudCast to be alerted to new episodes and follow Online FraudCast on Facebook, or the hosts individually on LinkedIn. Or, e-mail us at Info@OnlineFraudcast.com<br><br>Learn more about your ad choices. Visit <a href="https://megaphone.fm/adchoices">megaphone.fm/adchoices</a>