Q and A Podcast 2018 Part 2

Iain Abernethy - The Practical Application Of Karate show

Summary: <p><img alt="" src="/sites/default/files/file_attach/images/QandA2018_2_PC.jpg" style="border-width: 1px; float: right; height: 200px; margin: 5px 12px; width: 200px;">Welcome to the second part of this year’s Q&amp;A end of year podcast! In this second part (77 mins) we cover all the questions relating to Kata and Bunkai, Stance and Technique, Weapons, and Miscellaneous.</p> <p>In the first part you can find the Self-Defence, Training and General Karate questions.</p> <p>The podcast includes some spoof advertisements! Some of these adverts contain very mild “bad” language. Nothing overly offensive, but it’s probably wise to ensure young children aren’t in earshot.</p> <p>Thanks for all your support in 2018!</p> <p>All the best,</p> <p>Iain</p>