The BLANK Podcast Ep 4

The BLANK Podcast show

Summary: EPISODE 4 NOTES “Don’t Hiatus” Yes, we’re going on hiatus for a little while. Personal issues have strung up that need to be dealt with and it’s hard to do that when you have a show to run and you’re the only person doing it (i.e. editing, posting, etc.) Don’t worry. We’ll have a few companion pieces following soon after this one to keep you busy. So enjoy the show and have a wonderful week! TOPICS (FYI: * denotes a permanent show segment.) 01. Listener Mail: Wayne from The Wayne CrazyTrain Show podcast does the honors of being the first fan to leave us a voice message…three times! Mike reads some very nice message board comments from two of our fans, ODB and Dr. Pus. 02. *Today’s e-News Report: What else but The Dark Knight movie? 03. *Really Weird Stuff: “What Are the Odds?” list. 04. *Craigslist: Michelle makes a confession. 05. Useless Facts: Property tax 06. *At the Station: The very first live report from Michelle via cell phone. 07. The Big Lots Adventure: DVDs, chips, Suave, and “the name debate.” 08. *Movie Time!: We spill all the beans on Jumpers, Vantage Point and 10,000 B.C. Listener beware! 09. The Lottery: Did we win…? 10. *The Stoner Corner: Mary Jane couldn’t be with us this time around, so we pulled a clip from to teach you the finer points of “getting high for the first time”. 11. Mish Mash: Iron Man, the Horroretc podcast, Hancock, Wanted, The Dark Knight, Zack and Miri Make a Porno, Kabluey and Adam Sandler. EPISODE LINKS 1. (wacky 911 call statistics) 2. and 3. The Dark Knight,,,, 4. (What Are the Odds?) 5. 6. 7. (clip used in “The Stoner Corner” segment) 8.,,,,,, and