Why Being in the “Flow” Can Be Keeping You Stuck

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Summary: Do you feel relieved when things are flowing in your life and then feel anxious when conflicts and challenges arise? Find out why “the flow” is over-rated and how it can be a misperception that is keeping you stuck in life.<br> EPISODE 61: Why Being in the “Flow” Can Be Keeping You Stuck<br> In this episode, we describe how your attachment to being in the flow can be keeping you from what you really want. Learn:<br> <br> * How some people think they are “in the flow” but are really stuck in ego auto-pilot going in circles, avoiding obstacles<br> * Why we avoid conflict and challenges and seek “flow”<br> * How to move out of stagnation and enter a state of regeneration by facing conflicts<br> * The creative process is not just about being in the flow but embracing the light and dark aspects of ourselves and life<br> * How breakups, layoffs, illness, money problems, dating dry-spells are showing us where we are stuck and how they can be a catalyst to get what we really want in life.<br> <br> If you want to explore more of our work with the feminine archetypes (Jungian psychology) so you can make a huge change in your life, check out our new 2-day seminar, ALCHEMY in January 2019 – <a href="https://www.debianddrrob.com/Alchemy-Event">https://www.debianddrrob.com/Alchemy-Event</a><br> Do not forget to subscribe to our podcast – Debi and Dr. Rob show<br> If you want to interact with us, join our official Debi and Dr. Rob Show Podcast Facebook group.<br> <a href="https://www.facebook.com/groups/DebiandDrRobShowPodcast/">https://www.facebook.com/groups/DebiandDrRobShowPodcast/</a><br>