Episode 2 - From There to Here

The Forest at Night show

Summary: Happy 2008!! This topic was brought to you by an email -- the first I've received for the podcast (thanks to Kinoc)! I endeavor to explain how it is I came to Paganism, my spiritual background, and what the future might bring. Do we ground ourselves to this Earthly plane or do we focus on the cosmic? Can a balance be struck between the two? Can those who worship beyond elements of this world be called Pagan? Any more ideas you wish me to spin 'round this crazy wheel? Email me at theforestatnight@gmail.com or visit my Covenspace page at http://terestai.covenspace.com/ (I assure you, that URL is correct even if I couldn't remember it in the episode). Special thanks this week to Emerald Deepwater of Pagan Living for the plug on her show! Remember to visit her at http://paganliving.libsyn.com/. Music this week is The Death of an Equestrian by Savium from the Podsafe Music Network at http://music.podshow.com.