Episode 5 - The Doors of Perspective

The Forest at Night show

Summary: What makes you tick? Is it clowns, cats, smiley-face boxer shorts? Or are your thoughts a measure of your perspective on the things which happen around you? Join me for a discussion on perspective and why it's important to see the world in shades of grey, talk to those whose opinions differ from yours, and keep an open mind to what you discover as you explore your surroundings. Processing information without pigeonholing your perceptions into black-and-white shoeboxes takes some practice, and I hope I can give you some tools to open the doors to improving your perspective. The World of Night poem is courtesy of Silverlyn and Late at Night by Parnassus is played by kind permission of Mojo over at The Wigglian Way. Check out the Chalice and Blade/Parnassus website (and buy their CDs) at http://www.chaliceandblade.com/. SUPPORT YOUR PAGAN ARTISTS! Want to shout at me? Fire me an email to theforestatnight@gmail.com, visit me at my PaganSpace page at http://www.paganspace.net/profile/Eric, or my Covenspace page at http://terestai.covenspace.com/. The show's official website, http://www.theforestatnight.com, now has content, but not yet the ability to leave comments. Look for that to change in the future! The music that is NOT Parnassus is Port Saeed by Midnight Peacocks and Aquarium by David Kempers, both from the Podsafe Music Network at http://music.podshow.com/.