Ep. 181: You Have Permission to Holiday Differently

Fed+Fit Podcast show

Summary: On today's solo episode we're talking how the holidays can be a seamless part of your overall healthy lifestyle, and how you have permission to holiday differently!<br> <br> <br> <br> We're back with our 181st episode of the Fed+Fit Podcast! Remember to check back every Monday for a new episode and be sure to subscribe on iTunes!<br> <br> Find us HERE on iTunes and be sure to "subscribe."<br> <br> <br> <br> <br> Episode 181 Sponsors<br> <br> Capilano Beeotic - 100% Australian Honey with natural prebiotics to support gut health, Click HERE to get your own!<br> Lorissa's Kitchen - for 20% off on Amazon, click HERE and use code "20OFFLK"<br> <br> Cassy Joy: Today’s show is brought to you by Capilano Beeotic Honey! Beeotic Honey is 100% pure Australian honey that contains naturally occurring prebiotics. It’s my favorite sweeteners for tea, a key ingredient in my jalapeno lime margaritas, my secret to chewier cookies, and it’s perfect for dressings or for drizzling over my morning yogurt. Best of all, Beeotic helps support gut and digestive health with 340 mg of naturally occurring prebiotic oligosaccharides per serving. These prebiotics nourish good gut bacteria, which is even more important for keeping us healthy during the winter months. You can grab your own Beeotic Honey at Walmart and Walmart.com starting at just $9.98. <br> <br> <br> Cassy Joy: Welcome back to another episode of the Fed and Fit podcast. I am your host, Cassy Joy Garcia. Thank you for being here! How nice that is! How nice it is that you decided to be here right now, listening to this show! I’m very honored.<br> <br> Well, allow me to be one of the people wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving, if you are in an area of the world that celebrates Thanksgiving! It’s a really special time of the year, and I wanted to kick off Thanksgiving week. Well, if you have kids, you kicked off Thanksgiving week probably two weeks ago because of all the school activities. {Laughs} But allow me to kick off Thanksgiving week the official Monday before Thanksgiving with a mindset episode. <br> <br> Every once in a while, if you’ve been a longtime listener, you’ve heard several of these episodes over the years. And every once in a while I just like to hop on, and do a quick; how are you doing? How are you doing over there, show. And maybe just offer a little encouragement as the year goes on in different seasons and things.<br> <br> So what I want to talk about today; for those who are looking, maybe, for a way to approach the holidays differently. I want to talk with you. Now, there are some of you listening, and you are probably thinking; nope. Cass, I have my holiday game plan. I do the same thing every year. And I love it. And it makes me tick. And it’s what makes my world go round. That is great. I have no desire to tell you that you are doing it wrong. If it’s working for you, then by golly, it’s working for you and you keep doing it. <br> <br> This episode is meant for those who are kind of nervous about the holiday season. Because maybe they have seen the cycle over the years of; oh my goodness, we’re gearing up for Thanksgiving. Everyone is getting very excited about all the food and all the recipes! And maybe we go in thinking; everything is going to be a cheat day. Or I’m going to use it just as an aside from the way I currently eat my diet. And then we indulge in Thanksgiving, or the Friendsgiving, or the 14 Thanksgivings you attend, if you have a whole bunch of family and friends. What a wonderful, blessed problem to have, right?<br> <br> Then all of a sudden you think; gosh. My cheat day; I don’t know when it started. I don’t know when it ended. So I guess we’re just going to do a cheat month. Oh, now we’re in Christmas cookie season. I’m just going to keep eating all the cookies. They’re for Santa, they’re for the reindeer, we’re going to keep baking them.