Episode 4 - Anna McGahan

The Good Thief show

Summary: Anna McGahan is a Logie award winning actor, Heath Ledger Scholarship recipient, award winning playwright, mother and all round badass. Anna has graced your silver screens with more than 80 episodes of television under her belt, on shows such as House Husbands, The Dr Blake Murder Mysteries, Underbelly and many more. Anna’s own extensive experience in theatre, performing on some of Australia’s largest stages, lends her a strength that goes far beyond the often two dimensional world of what we see on a television screen and her subsequent eloquence and power with words is remarkable. Join us as Anna, and I, speak to the creative experience in a world that can otherwise be very black and white and how the continual attempt to connect to our own identity, voice and belief systems has made us the artists we are and strive to be today.