Episode 5 - Shareena Clanton

The Good Thief show

Summary: Shareena Clanton is an actress, activist, academic and proud Aboriginal woman of multiple language groups with a wisdom and empathy collected only from fighting in the trenches for her own battles and those of a community, sadly, long oppressed. Shareena has been nominated for AACTA’s and Logies for her performances in local Australian dramas; Wentworth and Redfern Now and after having recently taking part in auteur director Glendyn Ivin’s The Cry, she is well on her way to carving out a very special path. However, this hasn’t satisfied Shareena’s undying appetite to grow and impact her community. Shareena is currently studying to complete her honours and is a regular speaker at discussions on racial injustices and inequality in Australia and abroad, having been noted as orating one of the finest speeches on ABC’s much loved Q&A this year. Shareena shares real, passionate and open insight into her battle with depression, obsessions versus passion and how we can pick ourselves up by the bootlaces and move forward through understanding, education and self love. It’s a fantastic chat and I hope you enjoy it.