#21 Antony Ugoni - Director, Global Matching and Analytics

Data Futurology - Data Science, ML and AI From Top Industry Leaders show

Summary: Antony stumbled into his love of predictive modelling at the tender age of 10. He started his professional career in biostatistics and then made the switch to corporate Australia to work as Head of Analytics in banking before joining Seek; where today he is the Director of Global Matching and Analytics. We speak about: - how analytical thinking adds value both in research and in corporates - why you should read an intro to epidemiology textbook - why this is the most exciting time to be in analytics - his transition from research to corporate - surprises and rewards of moving into corporate - how to use the constraints you have for your benefit - how to stand out in data science interviews and much, much more! Show notes: www.datafuturology.com/podcast/21 Antony is based in Melbourne, Australia And as always, we appreciate your Reviews, Follows, Likes, Shares and Ratings. It really helps new data scientists find us. Thank you so much, and enjoy the show! --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/datafuturology/message