Episode 114 – Capture the Flag competition @BSidesPer

Cyber Security Weekly Podcast show

Summary: Interview with Alex Dolan (@dolesification) and #Osprey (Michael) in their roles as facilitators of the #BSidesPerth Capture the Flag #CTF competition held at BSides Perth in September 2018. With a focus on web applications and starting with GRC challenges, the CTF had a unique WA flavour and lean with IoT device security. Well done to ‘Tony’ who took a commanding lead. Recorded at BSides Perth 2018 which attracted over 300 delegates, including kids and families, to UWA Business School and along with t-shirts, beanies and tool kits, delegates also received a cool and unique handmade conference badge, using a NodeMCU ESP8266 WiFi SoC. Security BSides (commonly referred to as BSides) is a hacker convention, held amongst a growing eco-system of events in Australia and New Zealand that provide a community driven framework for information security conferences For the full podcast series from #BsidesPerth visit https://australiancybersecuritymagazine.com.au/bsidesper-2018-podcast-series-bsidesperth/