Creative Power of Lucid Dreaming

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Summary: Have you ever awoken during sleep and realized that you were still dreaming? This is what is called Lucid Dreaming and almost everyone has at least one experience of this level of dreaming during their lifetime. Some people lucid dream frequently and others randomly throughout their life. In this episode, we explore the power of lucid dreaming and what it means to change your life.<br> 55: Creative Power of Lucid Dreaming<br> This episode was filmed on video, if you want to see the video version you can go to Youtube at and see us in action. We discuss:<br> <br> * What is lucid dreaming?<br> * How can you create lucidity in a dream?<br> * Techniques to prepare your mind to have a lucid dream<br> * How lucid dreaming can show you how the mind works and reach higher levels of consciousness<br> <br> If you enjoyed this episode, do not forget to subscribe to us on iTunes, GooglePlay and Spotify. Visit our fan page on Facebook at<br> If you love going deeper into learning about spiritual psychology, check out our Evolve Leadership program for Women Entrepreneurs who are seeking to grow themselves and their business to become their full potential.<br><br>  <br>