AR #86 - Completing Old Cycles, Chapters & Patterns

Awaken Radio Podcast show

Summary: As we approach the end of the year, we are in a powerful time of completion. While we may be eager to look ahead, and focus on the new beginnings we want to create, we are instead being asked to slow down and focus on what is here right now. We have the opportunity now to take a look at what remains in our life, and close off old chapters, patterns and cycles completely. This is our time to examine old ways of being that are no longer working. and to integrate the lessons, learnings and growth that each and every experience this year has brought. In this episode I cover: + Why from now until the end of this year is a time of intense completion. + The reason you may be feeling internal and introspective at the moment. + The sacred power of endings, and why they need to be deeply honoured. + Why you may be noticing patterns of avoidance arising. + Why life keeps bringing you the same experience over and over. The power and importance of saying No. + How to uncover the deeper wound, emotion or belief that is keeping you stuck, so you can heal and release it's root cause. + Why you are always communicating to life what you will accept, allow or tolerate. + A simple and practical exercise to help you shift out of old habits of behaviour. + Why you may be clinging to things from the past, even though they don't serve you. + How to support yourself as you step into unknown territory. + Plus I share about a 21 Journaling Course I am hosting in November to help you with wrapping up this year in a clear and empowered way. Full Post & Show Notes: Join 21 Days of Journaling: Connect With Me: Instagram: Facebook: Email: Website: If you love Awaken Radio, be sure to subscribe and leave the show a rating and review on iTunes, as this will help it reach and support more people. Thanks for tuning in! Connie x