EP.003: Dr. Bob Nelson

Speakers on Speaking show

Summary: What does it take to become a best selling author? How does one close a deal? Speakers On Speaking has a guest that knows the answers. <br> Best seller author and speaker Dr. Bob Nelson shares what it took to become a best selling with over 1 MILLION books sold on employee motivation. Dr. Bob also gives us a behind the scene tour to his speaking success<br> <br> KEY AREAS COVERED<br> *How Do You Deal With Nerves<br> *Key Advices From Ken Blancher (Author Of The One Minute Manager)<br> *How To Make Something From Nothing<br> *How Do You Close A Deal At A Conference<br> *How To Prepare For The Unknown When Presenting<br> *What Do You Do When You Freeze On The Stage<br> *How To Maintain Focus On The Business Of Speaking<br> <br> WHAT IS SPEAKERS ON SPEAKING <br> Insightful Interviews with TOP SPEAKERS, SPEAKING COACHES and THOUGHT LEADERS in the Speaking Business interview by Antwon Lincoln<br> <br> ABOUT THE HOST<br> Antwon Lincoln has  over a decade of experience as a presenter, presenting to a wide range of audiences at conferences, educational agencies, non-profits, and universities.  LISTEN TO  EPISODE 000 AND EPISODE 001 TO HEAR MORE ABOUT THE SHOW  AND HIM!