EP.005: Rob Pennington

Speakers on Speaking show

Summary: How do you bounce back from down times and rebound into uptime? How do you help people learn from your own downtime? Dr. Rob Pennington knows how. Author, Speakers and Phycologist Rob Pennington, PHD spent some time sharing his personal stories and how is over personal adversity to help others. <br> <br> KEY AREAS COVERED<br> *Getting pass downtimes<br> *Where to find personal stories?<br> *How to make the trasition to “fee” talks?<br> *What are the multiple ways you can earn an income?<br> *How to sustain a speaking career?<br> and so much more!<br> <br> WHAT IS SPEAKERS ON SPEAKING <br> Insightful Interviews with TOP SPEAKERS, SPEAKING COACHES and THOUGHT LEADERS in the Speaking Business interview by Antwon Lincoln<br> <br> ABOUT THE HOST<br> Antwon Lincoln has  over a decade of experience as a presenter, presenting to a wide range of audiences at conferences, educational agencies, non-profits, and universities.  LISTEN TO  EPISODE 000 HEAR MORE ABOUT THE SHOW  AND HIM!