EP.007: Fred Miller

Speakers on Speaking show

Summary: FRED MILLER: AUTHOR &amp; SPEAKER <br> Do you have a fear of public speaking? Silly question. But believe it or not some aspiring speakers are fearful of the stage. Fred Miller, author of No Sweat Public Speaking shares strategies on how to tame the fear. He also shares other speaking tips for the aspiring speaker.<br> <br> KEY AREAS COVERED<br> How to pursue your passion<br> How should one practice<br> Where public speaking fear comes from<br> The structure of the speech<br> and so much more.<br> <br> WHAT IS SPEAKERS ON SPEAKING <br> Insightful interviews with TOP SPEAKERS, SPEAKING COACHES and THOUGHT LEADERS in the Speaking Business.<br> <br> ABOUT THE HOST<br> Antwon Lincoln has  over a decade of experience as a presenter, presenting to a wide range of audiences at conferences, educational agencies, non-profits, and universities.  LISTEN TO  EPISODE 000 HEAR MORE ABOUT THE SHOW AND HIM!