Traci Nagy and Feeding Tube Awareness

Who Lives Like This?! show

Summary: it might be hard to believe, given the subject matter, but today we had a rocking good conversation with Traci Nagy, the founder of Feeding Tube Awareness Foundation. We all agreed that never had we dreamed of such a discussion, but neither had we dreamed that we would be caregivers of children with complex medical needs and connected to one another in such interesting and enduring ways. Traci created the non-profit in 2010 to educate the public and change perceptions of tube feeding. Her son Lucas was only thirteen days old when Traci just knew something was wrong after experiencing the baby's near-constant projectile vomiting. She couldn't convince her first pediatrician that it was more than just the usual baby spit-up, though, so it was actually weeks before the baby was finally seen by a gastroenterologist. When Lucas was two months old, the family heard what to them at the time was very scary news that Lucas would need a feeding tube.