Children of Light Author Michael Denton on the Dazzling Evidence of Fine-Tuning

Intelligent Design The Future show

Summary: On this episode of ID the Future, Michael Denton explores a “miraculous convergence of properties” for life. Denton is both a medical doctor and a PhD biochemist, and now the author of the new book Children of Light: The Astonishing Properties of Sunlight That Make Us Possible (ebook available here). He lets his astonishment flow freely in this interview with host Sarah Chaffee, with topics ranging from the light of the sun to key chemicals here on earth. Taken together, it’s “an astonishing coincidence. … Science has discovered the fine-tuning… it’s not in doubt.… I’m blown away by this evidence.” And the common-sense conclusion, he says, is that a designing intelligence has fiddled with things to make life like us possible. Please consider donating to support the IDTF Podcast: