#2 - Chaplin and a good chunk of Old Time Radio chatter

Comedy Classics Podcast show

Summary: Download episode #2 here We had another great episode. Angie joined again, and a new person, Kain, who runs his own podcast Old Tyme Radio also at Talkshoe. Another regular from the forums, HTTK, joined in but didn't realize that the show started 9pm Eastern rather than Central. Hope you can make it next time HTTK! We mention the 29th anniversary of Charlie Chaplin's death that comes up on Christmas. And we spent most of the show talking about old time radio, not only the comedies but also some others like Orson Welles' classic War of the Worlds, and a few others. You can either download this week's episode from this page, or our Talkshoe page, where you can also listen streaming feed. Next episode will be next Friday, Dec 29, 9pm EST/8 CST/7 MDT/6 PDT. You can use this time zone converter.