#3 - What did you get for Christmas? DVDs!

Comedy Classics Podcast show

Summary: I start out on my own for the first few minutes and talk about my Marx Brothers and Three Stooges 75th Anniversary DVD sets. When Angie joins, she talks about getting ALF which included a Chaplin inspired episode (after the show I researched it, "Like an Old Time Movie", aired April 17, 1989, a day after Chaplin's 100th birthday!), a set of Buster Keaton DVDs, and the Marx Brothers "A Night at the Opera", and Chaplin's "The Circus" and "Modern Times" (she also has a threaded discussion about it at the forums). We give reviews for them and a couple others. As always, you can join the gang at the forums at www.comedyclassics.org .. (yeah, I know, I forgot to mention the address again on the show). I'll post when the next show is going to be... it might just well be on Saturday night afterall, but will have to check... Download and listen here!