CCP #7 - for sale; Topper remake; Amos n Andy; Little Rascals/Our Gang; England; adding sound clips; NPR article on restoring film sound

Comedy Classics Podcast show

Summary: (I finally finished edited and uploading this episode. Sorry for the wait!) I talk about the selling of and more information on Topper. Angie joins us again! I talk about Classic Comedy Teams documentary hosted by Steve Allen and go into a little of the teams listed there. I talk about my visit to Ulverston England (Stan Laurel's birthplace) and the part of London that Chaplin is from. Judd joins us again, and we talk about adding sound clips to the show, an NPR article (spending some time trying to find it), and a little more off-topic about Judd's Toastmaster podcast. To listen this and future edited versions only, please subscribe to I'll add links from the show soon. Download and listen here