Episode 12 – the Lifestyle Community

Into The Lifestyle show

Summary: In this episode Cindy and James talk about the how they have seen the lifestyle community evolve into what it is today.<br> We also touch on how our lifestyle community ITL was born and also how we first met. Cindy gets into the wine a little bit so there are some colorful moments in this one so don't miss out on them!<br> <br> As always we LOVE feedback so please feel free to leave your thoughts and comments below or you can leave us a review on iTunes as well ( <a href="https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/into-the-lifestyle/id1007871331?mt=2" target="_blank">Just click here </a>or search for us on iTunes with the title Into The Lifestyle )<br> <br> Much Love!<br> <br> XOXO<br> <br> Cindy &amp; James