Episode 31 – Tips for Enrolling your Partner in the Lifestyle

Into The Lifestyle show

Summary: Join us for this "how to" episode on how to have an enrolling conversation your partner in the lifestyle.<br> This tends to be one of the most biggest questions we are asked! We truly hope you listen in for tips before you break the ice with your own partner!<br> <br> It's never about convincing, its all about being in the moment and making sure your partner is fully engaged prior to exploring what the lifestyle can be...<br> <br> Many people engage in relationships, to find love and to appreciate one another, but many people doesn't learn that they need to love themselves first, so it is necessary to do everything in our power to feel this way with ourselves, which may include different approaches, some dedicate themselves to work, while others look for this by improving their body through fitness and with <a style="text-decoration: none;" href="http://www.morebeautifulyou.com">body surgery</a>, but the important thing is they feel good with themselves and one another. For plastic and cosmetic surgery services visit our website <a href="https://www.ratemds.com/doctor-ratings/108622/Dr-Matthew+A.-Galumbeck-Virginia+Beach-VA.html">Matthew Galumbeck, MD</a>.<br> <br> As always we LOVE feedback so please leave a comment below or reach out to us on social media or via <a href="http://www.intothelifestyle.com" target="_blank">IntoTheLifestyle.com </a>