The BLANK Podcast Ep 2

The BLANK Podcast show

Summary: EPISODE 2 NOTES “We’re Still Here (?)” Yes indeed! Amazingly Michelle and I are still pumping out shows and loving every minute of it—I say “amazing” b/c, as you all know, Michelle isn’t into podcasts like I am. Anyway, we’ve got a good show for you this time around. So sit back and get ready for some fun! TOPICS (FYI: * denotes a permanent show segment.) 1. *Really Weird Stuff: 2. Today’s e-News Report: “Long-Nailed Women Angry with iPhone” and “Crushing the Little Guy” 3. Statistically Speaking 4. The Slang Dictionary: “Slow Your Roll” 5. *Craigslist Posts 6. On the Go: Big Lots and Barbeque EPISODE LINKS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. SPECIAL THANKS Intro music provided by the band 27 Miles with their song “Where I Belong”, which can be found at: More info at: and Sound effects and music loops were provided by SoundSnap at: ABOUT US Our MySpace page is our Internet home, so be sure to stop by if you want to find out about the latest news, updates and contact info at: And check out our Community Board at: WHERE TO GO TO LISTEN TO OUR SHOW iTunes URL: (Where our show is hosted.) URL: RSS Feed: Feed: Feed: URL: CONTACT INFO Questions? Comments? E-mail us at: or leave a voice message at: (You don’t have to register to leave a voice message, either. On our Home page at Snapvine, click on the “Leave a Voice Comment” button under our profile photo and follow the instructions that follow.) You can also leave us a message using Skype by dialing 1(206)777-0951 (charges may apply.)