The BLANK Podcast Ep 3

The BLANK Podcast show

Summary: EPISODE 3 NOTES “New Stuff” Yep! We have a few new segments running around loose in this episode, so beware! Today we get to hear from Mary Jane and her theory as to why gas is so high (no pun intended), there’s some “really weird stuff” out there, and we have a LIVE report from Michelle at the gas station. So what are you waiting for?! Listen to this or we’ll track you down and tickle you until you piss yourself, girly boy! TOPICS (FYI: * denotes a permanent show segment.) 1. *Craigslist Posts: Missed Connections (BBW stalker), Rants (annoying women) and Strictly Platonic (Goth Gurl and Michelle’s new friend.) 2. *Really Weird Stuff: Used toilet/sink and a Mandolin. 3. Dear BLANK Podcast: Politically incorrect advice (ha-ha) from us. Got a question? Write us at 4. *At the Station: A live report from Michelle via cell phone. 5. The Stoner Corner: Mary Jane has a conspiracy theory about high gas prices and talks about naked people on bicycles and vaginal rejuvenation. EPISODE LINKS 1. (funny 911 call) 2. 3. and (for the comic book) 4. (promo) 5. 6. (promo) SPECIAL THANKS Intro music by the band 27 Miles with their song “Where I Belong”, which can be found at More info at and Sound effects and music loops from Soundsnap at ABOUT US Our MySpace page is our internet home, so stop by if you want the latest news, updates and contact info at And check out our Community Board at! We’re also on Twitter ( and NetVibes ( WHERE TO GO TO LISTEN TO OUR SHOW (Where our show is hosted.) URL: RSS Feed: iTunes URL: Feed: Feed: URL: URL: CONTACT INFO Questions? Comments? E-mail us at or leave a voice message at (You don’t have to register to leave a voice message, either. Just go to our Home page at Snapvine, click on the “Leave a Voice Comment” button under our profile photo and follow the simple instructions that follow. That’s it!) You can also leave a voice message using Skype by dialing 1 (206) 777-0951 – charges may apply.