Episode 27: Interview with National Judge, Kathi Ortiz

Life in a Leo show

Summary: Happy Friday! This week on Life in a Leo, I interviewed one of my friends and fellow judges, Kathi Ortiz. Kathi is currently living in the Chicago area and got into the sport of gymnastics in 1968. In addition to being a successful gymnast, Kathi was also a coach, club owner, and a very well respected judge. Kathi has had the honor of judging NCAA National Championships four times and was one of two judges on the bars panel at the 2018 Nastia Liukin Cup, in addition to judging plenty of states, regionals, and national JO competitions. One of the other really cool experiences Kathi had was performing with The Flying Wallenda's. The Flying Wallendas is the name of a circus group, most known for performing highwire acts without a safety net. Hope everyone is having a great summer! If you want to reach us with comments or feedback, you can email me at rebecca@leotard.com. Please make sure to rate and review us! Keep up all the hard work, stay hydrated and don't forget to point your toes --- Support this podcast: <a href="https://anchor.fm/lifeinaleo/support" rel="payment">https://anchor.fm/lifeinaleo/support</a>