The Incredibles 2 rant, family separation, and Episcopal church property woes—The Fourth Estate, Ep.31

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Summary: On this episode Marty and Bob review a movie review, discuss the recent family separations at the border, and explore an Episcopal church property dispute.<br> <br> <a href="">Subscribe via iTunes</a> • <a href="">Subscribe via RSS</a> • <a href="">Subscribe via Stitcher</a> • <a href="">Subscribe via Overcast</a> • <a href="">Subscribe in Castbox</a><br> On Twitter, you can follow <a href="">@martyduren</a>, <a href="">@bobsmietana</a>, and <a href="">@t4epodcast</a>.<br> Thanks for reading and sharing. Don’t forget to subscribe to email alerts at the top of the sidebar.<br> Show Notes:<br> The Wicked Awesome<br> <a href="">“Incredibles 2,” Reviewed: A Sequel in the Shadow of a Masterwork</a>, The New Yorker<br> <a href="">Review: The Authoritarian Populism of “Incredibles 2</a>, The New Yorker<br> News You Need to Know<br> <a href="">The Clinical Case for Keeping Families Together</a>, The Atlantic<br> <a href="">Enforce the Border—Humanely,</a> The Atlantic<br> <a href="">Jon Kyl’s Art of the Deal</a>, Weekly Standard<br> <a href="">Tent cities cost millions more than keeping migrant kids with parents</a>, NBC News<br> The God Beat: Religion in the News<br> <a href="">Episcopalians have to give back 29 churches in South Carolina</a>, Post and Courier<br>