Investing in Food Systems from an Agroecology Perspective | July 18, 2018

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Summary: Agriculture has always been a mainstay of impact investing. But what would a more transformative approach to financing a fair future for agriculture look like? Jen Astone, Executive Director of the Swift Foundation, set out to answer that question as she reviewed Swift’s holdings in agriculture and considered the role of philanthropy, impact investing, and traditional capital in supporting the food system. On this TFIN webinar, Jen helps us understand the frame of agroecology and the relevance and role of foundations' patient capital in financing a transformative approach, comparing different investments and investable opportunities through this lens. [These "podcasts" are the direct audio recordings of TFIN Webinars. As the original format was a video webinar, please excuse any brief technical difficulties and note that presenters may refer to slides. To watch the TFIN webinar recordings with their corresponding slide decks, please visit]