We Be Geeks 259: Yanny, Laurel & Tom Flippin’ Cruise

We Be Geeks - Your Voice Of The Geek Revolution show

Summary: This week, Mike and Derrick desperately search for a name to call themselves while Brett and Julz are both on hiatus. Somewhere out in the aether is an identity for the Warriors Three minus one.<br> <br> Topics discussed in this episode include:<br> <br> 1. Actress Margot Kidder has passed away.<br> <br> 2. A possible error in the Spider-Man MCU timeline.<br> <br> 3. Deadpool 2 features a surprise X-Men character.<br> <br> 4. Tom Cruise would like to be in a DCEU movie in the future.<br> <br> 5. Ron Howard teases a possible sequel to Willow.<br> <br> 6. Agents of SHIELD has been renewed for another season...sort of.<br> <br> 7. Gotham has also been renewed for one last short season.<br> <br> 8. A new series based on the pre-Batman days of Alfred is in the works.<br> <br> 9. A review of the comic TV shows for the next two years.<br> <br> 10. Lost In Space has been renewed for a second season.