Softball Diaries 70: An Arvo (or Two) with Todd Dixon

Softball Diaries show

Summary: Hear the Diaries like never before: IN HD SUPER-CRISP AUDIO. Todd Dixon, an Aussie, a tour manager, and a bloomin' Sixers fan, is also a sound engineer. His talents are on display here, mate. I'm pretty sure he bugged Buco's house cause there were mics and equipment everywhere—and constant checking of 'the levels'. Our thanks to Todd for bringing us into the modern age of podcasting. Learn about why Todd dropped out of uni, what tour he will be managing in the fall, and gibberish American and Australian words. Also included is a 40 minute recap of Kleger's home-run, Todd saying funny sounding Australian cities, and Buco challenging him on the origin of Canadian or US things. Wherever you are, whether kneeling, standing, or putting water bottles down under tables, have a walkabout and take a listen.