Kubrick's Right-Hand Leading Man

Here's The Thing with Alec Baldwin show

Summary: <p>Tony Zierra’s documentary Filmworker, opening May 11, highlights the best of movie-making.  It sings an unsung hero, and through him, all the unsung heroes of Hollywood.</p> <p>Actor Leon Vitali got his break playing the antagonist in Kubrick’s period masterpiece <em>Barry Lyndon</em>.  For a few years afterwards his star was rising -- until suddenly his face disappeared from stage and screen.  But his name didn't disappear from the credits of Kubrick's films; it merely moved down.  From costar of Barry Lyndon to, in subsequent films, “Casting,” “costumes,” and “personal assistant to Mr. Kubrick."  Vitali turned his life over fully to realizing the creative vision of his visionary boss.  Zierra encountered him while making a documentary about Kubrick's last film, <em>Eyes Wide Shut</em>, and immediately pivoted to focus on him.</p> <p>At the Hamptons Film Festival, Alec sat down with both men for a riveting discussion about the film; about the intense, mercurial Kubrick -- and about the sacrifices necessary to make great art.</p>