THoC Episode #105

The House of Cuckoos Radio Show! show

Summary: The House of Cuckoos Radio Show #105 !!! A fantastic adventure in discussion, entertainment, music, & culture! Or so we'd like to believe long as YOU believe it, too! Madcap madness in the most Cuckoo of style with the most absolute absurdity that only a true Cuckoo fan can enjoy! We shade the face of emotions, find a poop-juice cult, sock rob a store, study an alien skeleton, & mull over the wonderful joys of bee sting acupuncture! PLUS an AMAZING INTERVIEW with the up & coming artist Welker Bloat of Instagram fame! The Cuckoo feathers are spread wide & the wind beneath them is YOU! The House of Cuckoos Radio Show #105 !!! Listen in to fly completely CUCKOO upon the winds of silliness! We're here for ya! .