Mueller Indicts The Proverbial Ham Sandwich, a Non-Existent Russian Company

Informed America Radio show

Summary: REMINDER: The Real Reason for the Iran Deal (Never Doubt me) Mueller Indicts Non-Existent Russian Company John Kerry's Stunning History of Treason and Treachery While they chase a porn star and her creepy sleazy mouthpiece for comment on everything, where is The Truth Seeking Media Asking About Hillary's $84 Million campaign finance scandal? 2A-One of the favorite talking points of anti-2nd amendment loudmouths just took it on the shorts It's pretty clear: The Obama Regime did have a spy in the Trump campaign. What were those guys on CNN saying about the "Russia collusion" being worse than Watergate? Finally, there is something that is actually worse than Watergate, and it's Obama and his minions! And a Wack Stack, Canine Producer Pile and more!