Clean Eating Academy Online Course

Talk Healthy Today show

Summary: Erin MacDonald shares how you can educate yourself to reach your health and fitness goals.Erin MacDonald, RDN, is more concerned about inflammation and gut health than weight loss. However, diets are all the rage. Promises of grandeur coax people to jump from one diet to the next in an effort to drop the number on their scale. Diet hopping isn’t sustainable or realistic. Erin wants people to understand why they should eat a certain way versus how they are eating now. She wants them to understand how much exercise they need to see the results they seek. The Clean Eating Academy online course is a nine-week program that tackles one subject per week. Participants get blood work done before starting the course and again at the end. Healthy cooking techniques, dining out, grocery shopping, reducing stress and understanding fitness are all components. These skills are intended for implementation and a jumping-off point for more health learning. Listen as Erin joins host Lisa Davis to discuss her online course.