We Be Geeks 257: Cat & Mouse w/ Barbara Kaalberg, Dean Zachary & Roland Mann

We Be Geeks - Your Voice Of The Geek Revolution show

Summary: Tonight the Warriors 3 have three special guests joining us. Roland Mann, Dean Zachary. And Barbara Kaalberg from the Kickstarter of their independent comic Cat &amp; Mouse.<br> <br> We hear Roland, Dean, and Barbara's take on how this came together.<br> We talk about the influence of women on comics.<br> We talk about keeping the subject matter of the comic reader friendly.<br> We talk about the rewards for the Kickstarter.<br> We talk to Barbara and Dean about their process.<br> We talk dream casting for Cat and Mouse.<br> We talk to Barbara and Dean about their favorite artists to work with.<br> We talk about George Perez and what got us into comics.<br> <br> Check out their kickstarter here: Cat &amp; Mouse Kickstarter