We Be Geeks 258: Wyld Stallyns Forever

We Be Geeks - Your Voice Of The Geek Revolution show

Summary: This week, Brett is on hiatus, transforming the Warriors Three into the not so dynamic duo as Mike and Derrick carry on without their fallen comrade.<br>  <br> Topics discussed in this episode include:<br>  <br> 1. Who is really to blame when a Con goes wrong?<br>  <br> 2. Bill And Ted 3 is finally a go!<br>  <br> 3. A new clip from the Solo movie sheds some interesting light on some of Han's backstory <br>  <br> 4. A new Star Wars book series coming out this fall will revolve around the Falcon.<br>  <br> 5. The Darth Vader comic will delve into the origin of Vader's fortress on Mustafar.<br>  <br> 6. Comcast is preparing a last ditch effort to buy 21st Century Fox.<br>  <br> 7. Adam Warlock will not be in Avengers 4 either.<br>  <br> 8. The Captain Marvel movie will allegedly be a game changer.<br>  <br> 9. Annette Bening is in talks for Captain Marvel.<br>  <br> 10. Could Simon Pegg someday play Captain Britain?<br>  <br> 11. A new boardgame is coming out based on Batman The Animated Series.