Making Waves: Live in Milwaukee

To The Best Of Our Knowledge show

Summary: Milwaukee is a city on water, right on the shore of Lake Michigan, split by the historic Milwaukee River. How did it shape the city's history, politics, culture, and people? We find out in this live broadcast from Turner Hall in Milwaukee.Guests: <a href="">John Gurda</a><a href="">Dan Egan</a><a href="">Jenny Kehl</a><a href="">Chastity Washington</a><a href="">Ben Barbera</a><a href="">Russ Klisch</a><a href="">David Dupee</a><a href="">Tarik Moody</a><a href="">Siobhan Marks</a><a href="">Venice Williams</a><a href="">Kim Blaeser</a><a href="">Melanie Ariens</a>Interviews:<a href="">The Life, Death and Rebirth of the Milwaukee River</a><a href="">Who Owns the Great Lakes?</a><a href="">Fire, Hops and Beer Wagons: The Beer History of Milwaukee</a><a href="">If Macro Lagers Are Milwaukee's Beer Past, What Does The Beer Future Look Like?</a><a href="">How To Build Flow For A Water Show</a><a href="">Tracing the Enormity of the Great Lakes. By Foot.</a><a href="">The Garden as Parish, With Water as Prayer</a><a href="">Benediction: "A Song for Giving Back"</a><a href="">Building Bridges With Water-Themed Art</a>